Greetings from Hollywood!

I'm currently in sunny California (on spotty wi-fi) for the TCM Film Festival! I'll be trying to do some posts while I'm here, but for now if you want to see some peeks at my trip I've been posting on both of my instagram accounts, @kategabrielle and @kategabrielle_nofilter

ALSO! If I'm on vacation that can only mean one thing -- time for a postcard promotion! While I'm away, you can take 15% off any order of $10+ *and* receive a hand-written postcard from me, postmarked from Hollywood! Just use coupon code SILVERSCREEN at checkout. More details at my store,

TSA approved - my tips for airplane attire

My GOD this month has been insane! I can't believe I only managed to get in one other post so far. And things are not slowing down anytime soon. On Tuesday I'm off to Hollywood for my second TCM Film Festival! I'm doing a lot of flying this year so I decided to get my ducks in a row right now and come up with a foolproof airline outfit. And then I thought I'd share my tips with you, too!

- Jersey jumpsuits are your friend. There are so many great jumpsuits available right now, it's just a matter of finding one that's flattering and comfy at the same time. Mine is from Modcloth, and it has a tapered leg, fitted waist and wrapped bodice design that gives the appearance of a tailored outfit with the comfort of a freaking ONESIE. 

There are two things that make jumpsuits my #1 choice for flying -- if it's fitted, the chances of getting a pat-down are reduced considerably. Every time I've flown the difference between an unwelcome crotch grab and walking away scot-free rests solely on whether or not I've worn a dress/skirt/long sweater or fitted pants. This might not bother everyone but I have personal space issues and pat-downs are kind of traumatic for me.

Secondly, when you're sitting in one seat for hours upon hours you want to be really comfy. If you want to wear pj's, go for it! More power to you. I'm not a pajamas-in-public person, though, so this is the closest I can get. With a jumpsuit there's no pulling your pants up and pulling your shirt down to reposition. And if you get a jersey one without any unnecessary buttons and zippers, going to the bathroom is easy peasy. (haha, easy pee-sy. I'm so sorry.) Just make sure you take the outfit on a test run before you fly. Be positive that it's super comfy and easily bathroom accessible!

- Slip-on shoes that cover your whole foot. Again, this might just be a *me* thing but I hate the idea of walking barefoot through security. You will have to remove your shoes, so be prepared for that ahead of time. Lace-up shoes are harder to slip on and off quickly. Flats can't really be worn with socks so you'll either be barefoot or stocking-footed (?) I prefer to have socks on, so my favorite shoes for travel are zip-on ankle boots. They cover your whole foot so you can wear socks, they're comfy for walking around the airport, and they still look stylish.

- Bring a giant cozy sweater and wear your coat. Even if I'm not chilly at the airport, when I'm boarding my plane I put on my coat and a big cozy sweater. That way you don't have to take up valuable real estate in your luggage with bulky outerwear. I'm going to sunny CA for this trip so I'll just be bringing a light jean jacket and a sweater for the plane, but when I'm going someplace colder I'll honestly wear my giant winter coat AND a sweater. If I can save space in my luggage I don't care how I look walking down the aisle of the plane ;D

- Bring a giant purse. I normally do carry-on luggage only so I'll usually tuck my normal purse into a giant purse and then fill it up with anything else I'd need at my disposal on the plane -- a travel blanket, my laptop, my kindle, books, chargers, snacks (favorites for travel include fruit leather and salted almonds), dvds, camera, headphones, etc. Most airlines let you have one carry-on piece of luggage and one additional bag, so this way I'm not trying to figure out how to get a laptop bag, camera bag, purse and carry-on onto the plane. I put my camera & laptop in silicon cases inside of my larger purse rather than carrying them in their own separate bags.

- Possibly TMI but I'm going for it. Wear a sleep bra and comfortable panties. I'm serious. Boob shape is not the top priority when you're crammed into a tiny seat for six hours, TRUST ME. This one is my favorite. You get support, but it feels like you're wearing nothing. I'm a 32DDD and I got the size medium & it fits great. And seriously, unless you're planning on joining the mile high club there is no reason not to put on a pair of granny panties for the flight. Nobody can see them (except I guess the TSA agent that's watching the monitor when you go through the full-body scanner. But we don't want to give them a good show anyway, right?) and you can always change as soon as you get to your hotel.

And that's about it! I hope this helps somebody -- I haven't flown *too* much so far, only about sixteen times I think, but it took me all that time to finally figure out what works. SO much trial and error (and pat-downs, ughhhhh)

I'm going to try to blog every night while I'm at the festival next week, and I'm also going to do a decent amount of updates on my no-filter instagram. See you from Hollywood! :)

jumpsuit - modcloth | boots - f21 I think? | bag - f21 | jacket - asos

DIY (ish) record storage unit

If you're a very observant person you might have noticed that all of the records on my bookshelf magically disappeared about a month or so ago. I didn't get rid of them, I just decided to make a much more intuitive record storage unit. And it's located right next to my record player, which means I actually listen to and switch records way more often than I did when my records were all jam-packed into my bookcase.

I hesitate to even call this a DIY because honestly all I did was stack two pieces of furniture on top of each other. The bottom shelf is an old Expedit from IKEA with some table legs from Lowes attached to the bottom. The top piece is a modular storage piece from Amazon. After I painted the edges (I taped off a 2" border on the modular storage to match the width of the Expedit frame, and I used the color Poppy Petal from Valspar.) I added this self-adhesive towel bar on the front to create a little display spot for whichever record I'm currently listening to. (Or in this case, the cover that I think is really pretty and put on display whenever I'm not actually playing anything.)

I also bought LP dividers so I could sort my records by genre or person (although the only person whose presence in my collection is so enormous that they warrant their own divider is Frank Sinatra.) On the bottom shelf I have the records that I don't listen to as often, and then on top are my most-played albums.

Think about it -- when you go to a record store, the albums are always displayed in a way that makes it easy to browse. They're facing forward so you can thumb through them, not crammed into bookcases where their little tiny spines make it almost impossible to figure out which record is which. Especially when you collect older records where the spine has seen better days, finding an album based on the side text is virtually impossible.

I've been listening to my records so much more often since I switched over to this way of storing them. It's so easy to flip through and find what you're looking for, or browse until something just strikes your fancy. And the little ledge in the front means I don't have to worry about where to keep my cover while the record is playing. I have a few collectible albums that my dad handed down to me and I've always felt so anxious just laying the cover on a table or resting it on the floor while I'm playing the LP! EEEK! Now I don't have to worry about that anymore :)

I know IKEA doesn't make Expedit anymore (and I'm not sure if its replacement, Kallax, has the same outside dimensions? Or does it even have a 2 cubby option?) but if you could find a similar base this really is a fantastic (and super easy!!) project. As long as the base unit is slightly deeper than the one on top it should work. Or if the ledge isn't that important to you, you can just stack two modular units on top of each other.

Happy listening! :)

happy easter!

I feel like such a scrooge admitting this, but I haven't really been enjoying holidays much the last few years. I love my family (and food) but I've felt this subtle shift and I can't help it. I knew something was definitely off when I didn't look forward to putting up my Christmas decorations last year, and then a couple weeks ago I got out my Easter decorations and gave up after putting out a wreath and a basket of fake eggs :p

That being said, I'm still dressing for holidays as if my life depended on it. I think this is my favorite Easter outfit of all time. I went back and looked at some of my previous Easter posts and it's absolutely my favorite of the bunch. It's also a pretty good indicator of how my style has evolved over the past year or so. (You can view all of my old Easter outfits here.)

room tour: my movie theater

I was promising a room tour back when I quit blogging in 2014 and I still haven't gotten around to it since I un-quit last summer. Sorry about that!

I thought I would start out with my favorite feature in my room. It's a new addition, and I'm so in love with it I could burst! I installed a 120" roll-up projection screen over my closet. The closet wall faces my bed, so I can sit in bed at night and watch my favorite movies on a giant movie screen! And in the morning, I just roll up the screen and it essentially disappears.

I don't even have words to describe how much I love this! I've had a projector for a few years, but until last month I was projecting onto the ceiling. I know, that sounds really cool actually -- and it was at first! But after a while it's not actually that comfortable and not at all conducive to eating popcorn, haha!

If you are someone who really loves movies, I think this is a really worthwhile investment. It was so much cheaper than buying a tv (the screen and projector combined cost less than the 42" tv I owned before this) it's not as much of an eye-sore as a tv usually is, and the experience is basically like being in a movie theater but also being in your own bed at the same time. It's obviously not the same picture quality as a plasma hdtv whatever, but considering the fact that I mainly watch older films that weren't produced with that kind of technology to begin with, it doesn't make a difference to me.

This is my little projector that I have installed above my headboard. My projector isn't available anymore (which is really sad because it's tiny, quiet, and came with roku built in!) but I think most mini projectors would work the same. I'm obviously not a fan of the black cords, but I think it's a fair trade considering I don't have a giant ugly black tv in my room, right? lol

And that's it for my little mini-movie-theater tour! I also posted a photo of the projector in use (with Arrietty in the foreground, naturally) right here :) And it probably goes without saying, but if you get/have a projection screen I'd recommend watching Purple Noon on it. Watch it, and then you can thank me later ;)

Now I just need to find some good black-out curtains so I can watch movies before 8pm!

Sources for everything: projector / screen / most of my shoes / projector mount / cat bag/ my dress is vintage / bedding is vintage / scalloped rug was from UO aaaages ago


Yesterday I got to see Breathless on the big screen in Princeton. If you're a fan of the movie, then my outfit should look familiar (if you're not, scroll down for a photo from the film) I've seen t-shirts with the Herald Tribune logo online, but I really wanted a sweater since that's what Jean Seberg is wearing in the movie (although hers has shorter sleeves and it's embroidered, so apparently my attention to detail only goes so far.) I got a ribbed turtleneck from ASOS a couple months ago and then waited until the last minute to paint the design at 2am the night before I wanted to wear it (progress photo here)

Breathless was one of the movies that first got me interested in foreign films about six or seven years ago, but I hadn't revisited it until I saw it again last night. I forgot how much I love it! I think it's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of movie, where people either really adore it or think it's vastly overrated. I clearly fall into the "really adore it" camp. It may be called Breathless, but it's basically the visual equivalent of a breath of fresh air.

I'm still working on honing my recommendations, but I'm planning on doing a series of posts here with lists of classic films to watch if you haven't tested the waters yet. It really only takes one movie - and it has to be the right one for you - to open up a whole new world of film that you haven't explored yet. For me the movie that made me a classic film fan was How to Steal a Million (celebrating it's 50th birthday this year, btw!) I saw it in winter of 1999 and it sparked a life-long love affair with cinema, which introduced me to so many other amazing movies I would never have watched otherwise -- like Breathless.

happy go lucky

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I was originally wearing this this morning, but I ended up changing because my skirt kept falling down. I've lost a teeny tiny amount of weight since I bought it so I'll have to take in the waist a bit. I tried rectifying the problem by safety-pinning my skirt to my shirt, but that just created the weird bunching that you can see right under my cardigan in the photo. I'm usually pretty good at coming up with quick fixes for clothing problems but sometimes the only solution is sewing.

And in what must be the thousandth example of me being totally inept when it comes to releasing new products in time for holidays, I JUST listed these shamrock sweater clips in my store today. I'll console myself by thinking that I'm just 365 days early for next year ;D

ps. If you wanted any of my Easter brooches, try to get an order in by tomorrow (Friday) night. I'm trying to get them all in the mail by Saturday so they'll arrive in time for Easter :)

skirt - h&m | shirt - vintage | sweater - trashy diva

blue saturday

Saturday night I saw New Order in concert in Philadelphia! I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was, definitely one of the best experiences of my entire life. Hearing your favorite band perform your favorite songs in person... actually feeling the music, your heartbeat changing to match the beat, it's overwhelming in the best possible way. When my favorite song (Your Silent Face) started I randomly jumped in the air, I was so excited! I watched through watery eyes, my brain kept jumping back and forth between being in the moment and enjoying the song to thinking "oh my god, that is New Order right in front of me, they are right there playing my favorite song, how is this POSSIBLE, how am I this lucky"

They played a perfect mix of old standbys and songs from their new album (which is outstanding, by the way) A lot of their new songs have already become favorites of mine, so I was really excited to hear them in person (Singularity, Academic, and Restless were all on the set list. You can listen to their new album on youtube here btw.) For the encore they played two Joy Division songs; Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart. (At the end the words "Joy Division Forever" appeared on the screen behind them. Excuse me while I go sob for eternity.) I knew they had played Atmosphere at the Radio City show a few days earlier, and I was really unsure whether or not I wanted to see them perform it at the Philadelphia show. It's one of my absolute favorite songs, but a huge part of why I love it is Ian Curtis' painful vocals. But any trepidation I felt about that was erased immediately when I heard the song start at the show. Bernard Sumner did an excellent job with the lyrics and they projected the 1988 music video that paid tribute to Ian Curtis while they played. Goosebumps.

Okay, onto my outfit! Pretty much within minutes of securing tickets to the show, I came up with this outfit idea. The cover of my favorite New Order album, Power, Corruption & Lies, features the painting A Basket of Roses by French painter Henri Fantin-Latour, with a colored code that represents the title & track listing in the upper right corner. The painting has a creative commons license, so I found a high quality image online and had it printed onto a dress. Then I got square wooden beads and painted them to match the color code from the album cover. My mom (who is basically super-woman when it comes to... well, everything, but especially working with jewelry supplies) turned the beads into a necklace for me. I don't know if I've ever been more thrilled with an outfit before! It came out even better than I imagined. And I love that the dress just looks like a normal floral dress, the necklace just looks like a geometric piece of jewelry, it's not super obvious that I'm theme dressing unless you're a fan of New Order.

dress and necklace - DIY | shoes - bait footwear | sweater - f21