2017 photo a day challenge!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! :)

New Year's Day is just around the corner which means it's time for me to start coming up with ambitious projects that I have a 65% chance of following through on! Woo hoo! The first of such projects is my photo a day challenge. I love instagram but I MAJORLY suck at trying to figure out what to post each day other than my cat, product pictures, and a random outfit once in a while (related: I really want to up my outfit post game in 2017.) So me and my brother came up with a 365 challenge for me to stick to, and I thought it would be fun to share our list in case anyone else wants to join in!

We tried to make the list all stuff that fits my general aesthetic/interests (lots of animals and books!) with some very broad prompts (like the color blue) and some that are more specific but, I think, really fun (like a book that has your name on it. I already have mine picked out!) I also made any seasonal prompts have alternate options if you live in the southern hemisphere, so you won't feel left out when the day calls for photos of snow! :)

I really hope at least a handful of people will join in. Even if not though, I'm happy to have some kind of schedule to stick to so I can crank out at least one photo a day in 2017. Me and Kyle already brainstormed all of the prompts for the ENTIRE YEAR so even if I fall off the wagon and stop posting every day (there is, after all a 35% chance) I'll still be posting the monthly prompts. I mean, unless like zero people participate and then I'll stop posting this stuff entirely out of complete and utter humiliation. Whatever.

Happy almost new year guys! :)

ps. I gave the blog a little facelift again, so if you're reading this in a blog reader be sure to click through and see the new design!